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News & Updates

And the Winners Are !!!And the Winners Are !!!

  A "rogue" hunter travels between dimensions and enlists her alternate self in the hunt for a killer. The harrowing and fantastical life st [ ... ]

2013 Screenplay Competition Finalists2013 Screenplay Competition Finalists

Fresh Voices is proud to announce the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Finalists and Spotlight Award Short-Listed Nominees. The final round [ ... ]

2013 Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists2013 Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists

  We are pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists and Spotlight Award Nominees of the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition.  It has been [ ... ]

2013 Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalists2013 Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalists

2013 Screenplay Competition Update - Quarter Finalists Announcement We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in  [ ... ]

2014 Schedule of Announcements

2013 Screenplay Competition Update - Schedule of Announcements 1/9/14  In 2013, we accepted our largest number of submissions in our competition [ ... ]

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Success Stories

Megalopolis Lands ProducerMegalopolis Lands Producer

MPower Pictures Makes Deal on 2012 Competition Winner Megalopolis   In the first deal since announcing the winners of the 2012 Fresh Voices Scre [ ... ]

Jack Messitt CollaborationJack Messitt Collaboration

2011 Fresh Voices Grand Prize Winner Jack Messitt is now collaborating with A-List Screenwriter Jeremy Garelick.   Since winning last year' [ ... ]

Bill Balas SignedBill Balas Signed

SIGNED!! 2010 Fresh Voices Finalist Bill Balas has signed with top management company Principato Young.    Since being a finalist [ ... ]

New A&E Series Hires Fresh Voices Finalist as Staff WriterNew A&E Series Hires Fresh Voices Finalist as Staf...

Upcoming A&E series hires Fresh Voices Finalist Bill Balas as staff writer.   The Bates Motel is a new series created by Kerry Ehrin (P [ ... ]

Fresh Voices Winning Script in ProductionFresh Voices Winning Script in Production

Fresh Voices Winning Script In Production   Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the X:Men movies) and Harry Shum Jr [ ... ]

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Screenwriting Articles

What Did Aristotle Know About Screenwriting?What Did Aristotle Know About Screenwriting?

On Screenplays Strange and Deviant: What Did Aristotle Know About Screenwriting? By Arik Cohen   1/28/14 You know that pop song that gets stuck [ ... ]

Productive Feedback vs Negative Criticism: Taking Notes on Your ScreenplayProductive Feedback vs Negative Criticism: Taking ...

Productive Feedback vs Negative Criticism: Taking Notes on Your Screenplay 1/9/14 By Arik Cohen I have an actor friend (in Los Angeles? WHAT AR [ ... ]

Making The Point Loud and ClearMaking The Point Loud and Clear

Making the Point Loud And Clear by Arik Cohen I try to not use these blog posts to discuss pet peeves.  I also tried many times to avoid eating [ ... ]

It's Good Enough To Ship - The Search for PerfectionIt's Good Enough To Ship - The Search for Perfecti...

by Arik Cohen How do Bridezillas happen?  They happen when someone seeks absolute perfection where absolute perfection is impossible.  Th [ ... ]

Why Do You Write?Why Do You Write?

To Win The Hollywood Rat Race, You Must Enjoy The Process I came across this picture on the internet the other day and it reminded me of a Los Ange [ ... ]

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Screenwriter Interviews

Richard Finney Screenwriter InterviewRichard Finney Screenwriter Interview

Screenwriter Interview – Richard Finney On Writing For Hollywood in the 21st Century - "I really recommend the mindset of outrageous amibition for  [ ... ]

Stephen M. HuntStephen M. Hunt

Screenwriter Profile: Stephen M. Hunt  2012 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Grand Prize Winner Stephen M. Hunt won the Grand Prize Award of [ ... ]

Eli RichbourgEli Richbourg

SCREENWRITER PROFILE: ELI RICHBOURG RIP Eli Richbourg - March 2013 You will be greatly misssed by everyone you touched. Eli Richbourg is a WGA writ [ ... ]

Dave CallahamDave Callaham

SCREENWRITER PROFILE: DAVE CALLAHAM Dave wrote the 2010 summer blockbusterThe Expendables, which has so far grossed over $270m at the world box  [ ... ]

Jack MessittJack Messitt

SCREENWRITER PROFILE: JACK MESSITT Grand Prize Winner of the 2011 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. Chosen from nearly 1,000 screenplays, ADVENTUR [ ... ]

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