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Fresh Voices Logo
22 Jun 2016 22:02 - Fresh VoicesFresh Voices Logo

Fresh Voices has a new logo and a new look. Check it out!

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2016 Screenplay Competition - Call For Entries
07 Jun 2016 00:20 - Fresh Voices2016 Screenplay Competition - Call For Entries

Fresh Voices is pleased to announce the 2016 Screenplay Competition is now open for entries!   We are all geared up for a new season and, as always, we are offering every screenwriter the opportunity to receive FREE FEEDBACK on their script, plus a chance to win cash & valuable prizes geared towards helping you develop and market your winning script.   Since 2009, Fresh Voices has developed a successful track record of consistently identifying and nurturing exciting screenwrit [ ... ]

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Query Letters: A Necessary Evil Or A Waste Of Time
09 May 2016 04:13 - Fresh VoicesQuery Letters: A Necessary Evil Or A Waste Of Time

When Should I Start Sending Query Letters to Agents and Managers? We get asked this question a lot! You’ve probably heard about actors, actresses and models getting their big break by an agent at the coffee shop, stopped at the traffic light, on the beach! A good look and a charismatic vibe can be spotted a mile away. But how do writers get noticed? Are you supposed to work your abs, get a fit bathing suit and hope your script gets discovered while you strut your stuff? I don't want to disap [ ... ]

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City In The Sun Wins 2015 Grand Prize Award
15 Apr 2016 06:08 - Fresh VoicesCity In The Sun Wins 2015 Grand Prize Award

Kenyan writer, Nadeem Rajwani, takes home Grand Prize Award plus 3 Spotlight Awards at Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Fresh Voices, headed by chairman Joel Mendoza, and guest judge, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter Hossein Amini, have named City In The Sun by Nadeem Rajwani the Grand Prize Award Winner of the 2015-16 Screenplay Competition. City In The Sun was selected from nearly 1,500 entries in a unanimous decision by the judge’s panel. Through five extensive rounds of reading, C [ ... ]

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Congratulations 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Co...
14 Apr 2016 01:40 - Fresh VoicesCongratulations 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition & Spotlight Award Winners

Everyone who reads screenplays, whether a production company or screenplay competition, agent or manager, have certain markers they look for in selecting a great script. Compelling characters, engaging dialogue, rising tension, a clear three act structure, set-up and pay-off just to name a few.

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4 Ways To Use Image In Your Screenplay
11 Apr 2016 00:16 - Arik Cohen4 Ways To Use Image In Your Screenplay

When a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words When you think of the greatest screenplays you probably think of films with witty banter or complex plot structure, what you probably don’t think about is image. Don’t underestimate the power of a single image on your audience. It’s a vibrant color on your palette, and here are a few ways to paint with it:

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2015-16 Screenplay Competition Finalists & Spotlig...
22 Mar 2016 19:44 - Fresh Voices2015-16 Screenplay Competition Finalists & Spotlight Award Nominees

Fresh Voices is pleased to congratulate the Finalists and Spotlight Awards Short List of Nominees of the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. Five Screenplays remain in each category. Two more rounds of judging continue. One winner and two runners-up will be chosen in each category. The winning screenplays from each category will ultimately be given to our Headline Judge, Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Hossein Amini, to decide and announce our Grand Prize Winner. Winners and th [ ... ]

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2015-16 Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists
02 Mar 2016 02:31 - Fresh Voices2015-16 Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists

We are pleased to congratulate the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists. Advancing screenplays represent the top 5-10% of the nearly 1,500 screenplays entered. The list will be cut in half again as we announce the Finalists on March 22nd. Stay tuned and keep writing!!   See the complete list of Semi-Finalists here!!

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2015-16 Screenplay Competition Quarter Finalists
26 Jan 2016 17:25 - Fresh Voices2015-16 Screenplay Competition Quarter Finalists

CLICK THE PICTURE TO VIEW THE COMPLETE LIST OF QUARTER FINALISTS After months of reading and evaluating approximately 1,500 screenplays, we are pleased to announe and congratulate the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Quarter Finalists. Semi Finalists TBA March 1st, 2016

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2015-16 Screenplay Competition Announcement Schedu...
05 Jan 2016 20:27 - Fresh Voices2015-16 Screenplay Competition Announcement Schedule

Happy New Year. The last of the scripts are being read, and evaluations are being returned to writers as the first round of judging the 2015-16 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition nears completion. For us, we are finally able to come out of hibernation as we dig out from the stacks of scripts and evaluations that have lined our walls like wallpaper for the last several months.

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