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2014-15 Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalists2014-15 Screenplay Competition Quarter-Finalists

Fresh Voices are pleased to announce their 2014-15 screenplay competition quarter finalists. The list of 325 scripts, represents approximately the top 20% of the more than 1,500 screenplays received. Semi-Finalists are due to be announced March 3rd.

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Zeitgeist: Is It Worth Chasing Hollywood TrendsZeitgeist: Is It Worth Chasing Hollywood Trends

Zeitgest: Is It Worth Chasing Screenwriting Trends In Hollywood? by Arik Cohen When Twilight turned 13-year-old girls into the sort of franchise-obsessed herds that usually consisted of teenage superhero fans, it sparked a vampire trend that is just now, years later, beginning to fade.  We’ve seen a hit franchise (Twilight), other vampire films (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Vampire Academy), and hit TV shows (True Blood, The Vampire Diaries).  It also spurred a hunt for the nex [ ... ]

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2014-15 Screenplay Competition - By The Numbers2014-15 Screenplay Competition - By The Numbers

Here is your 2014-15 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition – By the Numbers Fresh Voices Staff - 1/13/15 We received over 1,500 entries from 45 US States led by California (368), New York (96) and Texas (53). Screenplays were also received from 44 Countries around the world including such places as Albania, Armenia, Chile, China, Egypt, India, Lithuania, Nigeria, Singapore and Uganda to name a few.  Outside of the USA, England (78), Canada (63) and Australia (43) entered the most scripts  [ ... ]

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7 New Year's Resolutions That Can Improve Your Writing7 New Year's Resolutions That Can Improve Your Wri...

7 New Year's Resolutions That Can Improve Your Writing By Joel Mendoza 1/2/15 If you are still struggling to bring about some positive change in 2015, here are 7 New Year’s resolutions that will not only lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but can have a hugely positive impact on your writing as well.  Get Up 1 Hour Earlier Imagine what you can do with an extra hour each day. And if that hour were peaceful, quite, distraction free and possibly even inspiring. If you currentl [ ... ]

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2014-15 Screenplay Competition - Announcement Schedule2014-15 Screenplay Competition - Announcement Sche...

2014-15 Screenplay Competition Schedule of Announcements With the first round judging of the 2014-15 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition coming to an end, we are pleased to let you know the anticipated schedule of announcements for Quarter-Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Winners over the next couple of months. Announcements will be made on the website followed by a public announcement in our newsletter.  After the QF announcement has been made, all advancing screenwriters will have an  [ ... ]

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6 Things Every Screenwriter Must Do After Writing 6 Things Every Screenwriter Must Do After Writing ...

Crossing T’s and Dotting I’s before Submitting Your Script by Joel Mendoza  11/3/14 Here’s a 6 point checklist every screenwriter should consider between the time you write “The End”, and the time you begin submitting your script to screenplay competitions and the industry at large. If you’ve spent a long time and a lot of energy writing your script, you owe it to yourself to ensure your hard work receives the attention it deserves with these simple reminders. rong>Read Yo [ ... ]

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2013 Short Script Winner To Begin Production2013 Short Script Winner To Begin Production

Shooting to begin on 2013 Short Script Winner Five Days In Calcutta 2013 Fresh Voices Short Script winner Fred Perry has optioned his winning short script FIVE DAYS IN CALCUTTA.  The short, to be produced and directed by Dawn Fields at Palm Street Films, will begin production on October 18th. Fred Perry remarked, "The win continues to open doors!"

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