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We are pleased to announce the 2013 Fresh Voices Pitch Contest Long List.    

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First NameLast NameTitle
Christopher Andre Rogue Group
David Atkinson TV Academy
Alireza Bayati Cragsman
Vincent Befi Annonymous
Dame Bralic The Uniform
Dame Bralic Abolishment
Peter Breeze Pitch My Reality
Betty Briscoe Point of No Return
Rose Byrne Sharp Cutz
Angelina Carkic Kaameleon: The Praetor
Emilie Clark Hooked On Mutts
Robert Cole Planet X
Paul De Leonardo Predestined
Robert Devor Loving Companions on the Road
Eugene Gavrilenko Papa
Eugene Gavrilenko The Eaglet
Erika Goedrich Breweries, Brewpubs, and Beer Bars
Carol Hoffman Two Brothers and Two Sisters
Brian Howlett The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Hank Isaac Forever Charlee
Hank Isaac The Annex
Louis Jones Stand-Up
Peter Jones Revenge Is Mine
Regina Junior Win A Date With Rachel Ciemone
Kristopher Klassen The First Adult Soccer Movie
Kathryn Kyker The Year of the Snake
Daphne Lamm Rival
Emmanuelle Lee The Feeders
Katie Leimkuehler Shy Town Girls
Eric Machmer Home
Gabriel McDonald Impact Winter
Lyndon McGill Sunset Manor
Siva Metimbers Firewall
Michael Partain Remember Merlin Krebs
Dawn Patterson Beyond Love
Paul Penley The Dream Life
Mark Pomes Always Forever
Ishai Ravid The Adventures of Preseter John in the New New World
Kristine Ritter Limitless: A Life Without Limbs
Juan-Ramos Rojas Another Chance
Ashley Sero Interstellar Exchange
Storme Smith The Riddling Tale
Storme Smith The Real McCoy
Jay Stamatis Radical Shift
Emmanuel Sullivan MBA Mania
Elizabeth Tenzer Wedding Planner
Rene' van Zyl Silent Weapons
Sriram Viswanathan Sly Are The Wolves
Kayla Weisdorf Art School
James Wesley Truth or Dare