2021-22 Fresh Voices Semi Finalists

Congratulations Semi Finalists


95 Original Screenplays from 287 Quarter-Finalists advanced to the Semi-Finals

Finalists TBA March 31st

  Semifinalists appear by category, in Alphabetical Order by Writer's Middle/Last Name               ↓

Action/Adventure Ultra-Zone Saul Berenbaum
Action/Adventure Adventure West Jack Conti
Action/Adventure Babelsberg Jon Davis 
Action/Adventure The Reluctant Hero Rudy Gray
Action/Adventure El Soldado De Marbach Arturo Javier Mireles
Action/Adventure Follow The Blood Zack Pesata
Action/Adventure Mustang Gordon Phipps
Action/Adventure The Boy On The Cover Elizabeth Sullivan
Action/Adventure Damned Troublemakers (FKA He Took My Cat) Ty Bradford
Comedy/Rom-Com Five With A Bullet Christopher Isenegger
Comedy/Rom-Com Emmitt Christopher Isenegger
Comedy/Rom-Com Dad Moon Clayton Lee
Comedy/Rom-Com Ready.. Aim.. SMILE! Scott Liapis
Comedy/Rom-Com The Man In The Flying Lawn Chair Ryan Mekenian
Comedy/Rom-Com Adult Summer Camp Amanda Miller
Comedy/Rom-Com Dad Moon Krista Peterson
Comedy/Rom-Com Charlie's Eye Logan Robinson
Comedy/Rom-Com Maternity Leave Marguerite Spellman
Comedy/Rom-Com You Go Boy Matija Sraj
Comedy/Rom-Com The Love Palace Justin St. Pierre
Drama/Period/Biopic Soot Stephen Curran
Drama/Period/Biopic The Bank Thief Jordan Freese
Drama/Period/Biopic War-Torn Morgan Hage
Drama/Period/Biopic A Man Called White Randy Hines
Drama/Period/Biopic Memorial Day Alan Jenkins
Drama/Period/Biopic Chopin Vincent Lin
Drama/Period/Biopic Crush The Monster Alex Odaguar
Drama/Period/Biopic Mad Dr. Dathan Paterno
Drama/Period/Biopic The Wolf You Feed Tony Prescott
Drama/Period/Biopic Myall Vaughn Roste
Drama/Period/Biopic Strays Robert Wooldridge
Family/Musical William The II Virginia Austin
Family/Musical A Long Way Home Steven Bogart
Family/Musical Let It Shine Romeo Ciolfi
Family/Musical Max Hopper Battles The Locust Swarm Adam Hersh
Family/Musical A Pirate and a Princess Mark Kelly
Family/Musical Whispers in the Wind Richard Los
Family/Musical Norah's Ark Thomas Pace
Family/Musical Glow Stick Michael Raymond
Family/Musical Saving Cinderella Melinda Saranchock
Family/Musical Saving Cinderella Chris Saranchock
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Say Boo Francis Manuel Abbey
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Distant Stars Illimani  Ferreira
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Revelations Johnny Gilligan
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Sixgun Saint Warren Lane
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Exodus Paul  Murdock
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Intergalactic Io Seth Nesenholtz
Sci-Fi/Fantasy MegaMall Scott Saffran
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Vision Peggy Stautberg
Horror/Thriller Goat Island Nathan Cabaniss
Horror/Thriller Bring Her Back Sonny Kubrick
Horror/Thriller He'll Darken Bryce Marrero
Horror/Thriller Pyre Eleonora Mignoli
Horror/Thriller In Sight Taylor Roy
Horror/Thriller The Second Location Tracy Schumer
Horror/Thriller The Jet Jonathan Shaivitz
Horror/Thriller What the Night Leaves Behind Rob Sheely
Horror/Thriller The Gravedigger Lyndal J. Simpson
Horror/Thriller View From the 59th Floor Josh Taylor
1 Hr TV Pilot Fire Camp - Back Fires Alex Blumberg
1 Hr TV Pilot Control C Joel Buxton
1 Hr TV Pilot Good City Natalia Chown
1 Hr TV Pilot Blotter HF Crum
1 Hr TV Pilot Free Spirits Katharine Densmore
1 Hr TV Pilot re.Form(ed) Johnny Gilligan
1 Hr TV Pilot Control C Andrew Ivimey
1 Hr TV Pilot Powers & Glory P James Norris
1 Hr TV Pilot Ms. Guided Mason O'Sullivan
1 Hr TV Pilot Root Katherine Street
1 Hr TV Pilot Greylord Monte Williams
1/2  Hr TV Pilot #Hotmess Ana Christina Perez
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Us Against The World(s) Ross Buran
1/2  Hr TV Pilot The List: A Single Lady’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Baby Daddy Brit Cowan
1/2  Hr TV Pilot The Ties That Bind Haley Dercher
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Likeable Amanda Fein
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Rinse/Repeat Alinca Hamilton
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Special Toys Benjamin Lewis
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Tamber Dawn Benjamin Lewis
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Whoa Baby! Javaid Nayyar
1/2  Hr TV Pilot Curved Sagar Vasishtha
TV Sample Rick and Morty: The Rick of Mormon Walker Bickmore
TV Sample Ozark Nelson Downend
TV Sample PEN15: Concert Kristen Henley
TV Sample The Equalizer Mark Johnson
TV Sample The Equalizer Monica Johnson
TV Sample Curb Your Enthusiasm: Larry's Celebrity Poker Scott Marshall Taylor
TV Sample What We Do In the Shadows: Hell Hath No Fury Marguerite Spellman
TV Sample This is Us Danielle Weisman
TV Sample Ted Lasso: Wild Card Brian Gene White
Short Script DIVR Rae Binstock
Short Script Happy New Year Sabine Carduck
Short Script Darkman Chase Coble
Short Script Unconditional Nelson Downend
Short Script Chasen Ava Joshua Duckworth
Short Script Our Child Samuel Flückiger 
Short Script Inexact Science Kristen Henley
Short Script Till Death Do Us Part Jay Lawrence
Short Script For Sale Lia Martin
Short Script Hunger Pains Rodolfo Salas

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