Another 2020 Finalist Wraps Production

SLOTS Wraps Production


After being selected a Finalist of the Fresh Voices Short Script competition in 2020, 'Slots' attracted producer Maryam Ghorbankarimi from Bina Film to the project and the crew has just wrapped production.

Set and shot in the picturesque North West England, 'Slots' written by Anthony Povah, tells the story of Chris and Peter, two middle-aged middle managers who share a commute and dream of escaping routine and responsibility for a day, and ultimately learning that joy can be found in the smallest of things and strangest of places. 'Slots' is a story that commuters everywhere will easily relate to.

Written by Anthony Povah and featuring music by Animal Collective, 'Slots' is the first film from Canadian/Iranian producer Maryam Ghorbankarimi under the reborn Bina Film brand.

Writer Anthony Povah said, “I was introduced to Maryam by a mutual friend from an online screenwriting group just after 'Slots' was written. We talked about potential projects, but 'Slots' was our favorite. It definitely helped that it’d been a Fresh Voices finalist.”

Maryam said “I loved how the script has a universal appeal, we all have daydreamed of escaping our mundane routines at some point in our lives. I also loved its simplicity. It was what I was looking for in a project that could be done with a minimal crew and budget.”

Anthony came on board as co-producer: “It was an incredibly valuable learning experience! I got a crash course in understanding what is filmable and what isn’t on a low budget. It’s improved my writing immeasurably. I’ve learned to think like a producer when I’m writing now, especially how to make projects more viable and attractive to potential collaborators.”

The production also had to deal with the Covid pandemic. Cast and crew adhered to all UK Government safety guidelines current during production, including actors Steve Fairclough and Lewis Charlesworth self-isolating for two weeks before shooting took place. Anthony recalled, it made blocking and rehearsals tricky, but there was great chemistry between the actors and the team once we began filming.”

'Slots' is currently being submitted to film festivals around the world. The trailer can be viewed at

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