2018-19 Screenplay Competition Winners

 And the Winners Are

Grand Prize Winner Reef Challenger


Action/ Adventure

Winner Roller Baby                    
by J.D. Smith 
Honorable Mention Boundary Waters by Joann Buckley-Collins
Honorable Mention Extrajudicial by Craig Bealer


Comedy/ Romantic-Comedy

Winner A Sonnet for Ms. Pine by Andy Wertner
Honorable Mention Nancy Girl by David McMahon
Honorable Mention The Twenty-Third of Lonliness by Shonnie Jackson


Drama/ Period/ Historical/ Biopic

Winner Challenger           by Skye Emerson               
Honorable Mention A Suspect In Arms
by Selcen Onsan
Honorable Mention Perfect Lover by Joyce Rheuban


Family/ Animated/ Musical

Winner Steel Cutter by Claire Tran
Honorable Mention Kaylee, Age 8 by Molly Coffee
Honorable Mention Hero of the World by Staci Greason & Linda Hill


Science-Fiction/ Fantasy

Winner Maya                   by Rohit Gill                         
Honorable Mention Junk by Douglas Mallette
Honorable Mention Conquist by Dirk Strasser


Thriller/ Horror

Winner Feeder by Justin Hurt           
Honorable Mention Monochrome by Chloë J. Hightower
Honorable Mention Lattice of Coincidence by Devin Lucas


Short Script

Winner Cicada by George Aggelidis
Honorable Mention Underpaint by Anna Hopkins
Honorable Mention Gay Girl, Superhero by Diana York


1 Hr TV Pilot

Winner Carpetbaggers      by Matt Thomas
Honorable Mention In Chambers
by Carolyn Kras
Honorable Mention The Ax Man by Ryan Little


1/2 Hr TV Pilot

Winner Jack to Reality by Andy Knuth
Honorable Mention The Great Gay Hope by JB Berg
Honorable Mention That Sister Thang
by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
& Dale Winton


TV Writing Sample

Winner Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Pee Tape by Jason Hirschel
Honorable Mention Sneaky Pete: Face Time by Alexander Berger
Honorable Mention  Big Little Lies: Episode #8 by Peter Haig


spotlight awards

Best Role For A Leading Man

Perfect Lover by Joyce Rheuban              


Best Role For A Leading Woman

Challenger by Skye Emerson       


Best Ensemble Cast

Stupid B****        by Anthony Filangeri                      


Best Dialogue

A Sonnet for Ms. Pine by Andy Wertner                                         


Best First 10 Pages

Perfect Lover by Joyce Rheuban            


Culture & Heritage Award

Challenger  by Skye Emerson       


Diversity & Inclusion Award

Steel Cutter       
by Claire Tran                           


Humanitarian Award

A Suspect In Arms   by Selcen Onsan                             


Courage & Fortitude award

Cicada          by George Aggelidis     

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