6 Exercises To Keep You Feeling Creative

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If you’re like me, a vigorous workout at the gym leaves you exhausted, physically spent, with nothing left to give. The last thing I want to do is to try and be creative. That said, we know it is scientifically proven that exercise is the key to keeping the body and brain, healthy and in top form.  

We asked six screenwriters what exercises they do to keep motivated and keep the creative juices flowing throughout the day. Here is what they had to say!

1)      Running/Walking

"I love a solo run along the beach to keep creative, and to keep my mind clear of fogginess. Sometimes, when I’m stuck in front of the computer working on a scene, I’ll get so bogged down in the minutiae that I begin to lose track of the bigger picture; of what I am trying to do. I’ve always found a quiet run along the beach to be the quickest, most effective way to free my mind."

Fred S. (Santa Monica, Ca.)

2)      Jumping jacks

"Jumping Jack’s, 5 sets of ten! There really is nothing better to keep all your muscles, including the creative “one”, loose and relaxed. I remember jumping up in the middle of the writer’s room once and started doing jumping jacks. The first set or two everyone looked at me like I was crazy, but by the 3rd and 4th, most of the room had joined in!” Gwen A. (Hollywood, Ca.)

3)      Soduku

"I start my day with coffee and a Soduku puzzle to keep my mind flexible and analytical. To always be asking questions, to always look at things from different angles, and to experiment with different ideas. It really helps in the revision process when I am trying to fix holes in the story. It allows me to be more creative in my problem solving and to better keep track of things in my head."  Jeremy P. (New York, NY)

4)      Reading

"Reading other work has always inspired me. Getting lost in a great story, becoming enamored by a great writer makes me want to work harder, try harder, be better. Perhaps it’s my competitive nature, but knowing there are great writers out there working, reminds me how hard I am going to have to work to get to where I want to be. Then sometimes you read something so bad you can’t understand how it came to be. But then it reminds you, hey, if this guy can do it…."  Megan T. (London, England)

5)      Meditate

"Meditating to me is the essence of being creative. You are physically and literally letting your mind take over. Done right, it is an outer body experience. The brain is an inherently creative machine. Unfortunately, it becomes fatigued and stretched in the day to day decision making of life. Meditation is the process of freeing and eliminating the daily stressors and allowing the brain to take over, to let it do what it does best. Amazing things are made when the brain is free to create."  Jamie T. (Los Feliz, Ca.)

6)      Swimming

"I think it’s that feeling of weightlessness. Preferably in the ocean, but when it’s cold I go to the indoor pool. When I can’t get there, I run a bath. Laying in water is a freeing experience. I don’t know how, or the physiology behind it all, but I always find the best ideas come to me when I am laying in water, and I always feel refreshed and ready to follow through when I get out."  

Sara P. (Venice, Ca.)

What about you? What exercises do you do to keep yourself creative? 

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